With Paul Walker Gone, What Is Vin Diesel Up To Going Forward?

Source: Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena

Other than dancing, Vin Diesel had a few slow months after the death of friend Paul Walker, but his agenda has started getting a little fuller now. For one, he’s playing a talking, fighting tree with a vocabulary of exactly three words (his best role to date was as a talking robot in The Iron Giant, so that’s not as snarky as you might think.) Rumors have also popped up suggesting a new Riddick movie may be in the works, based on the surprisingly good Blu ray sales of the last Riddick film. The newest film in the series was a throwback to the darker, R-rated origins after the abysmal 2004 PG-13 space opera Chronicles of Riddick. The series inspired a video game – Escape from Butcher Bay – that’s actually better than any of the films.

Diesel is a self-proclaimed video game nerd, and his involvement with the game helped make it a cult hit. An HD remake call Dark Athena came out in 2009, and it’s a must for gamers and Diesel fans. (Diesel is also a hardcore Dungeons and Dragons fan — he has his D&D character’s name tattooed on his stomach.)

Diesel had a difficult time working after his friend Paul Walker died in November. The two were close friends, and they both got their big break with The Fast & the Furious. The series stalled for a while after Diesel left; 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift have all the depth of a YouTube clip, but extended to insufferable feature length. Diesel returned in 2009 for Fast & Furious, which revitalized the series and established it as a franchise. Dwayne Johnson came on for Fast Five and the series has had the pedal to the metal ever since.