25 of the Worst Casting Choices of All Time

If there’s one job in the entertainment industry that doesn’t get enough credit, it’s that of casting director. A movie or TV show might have a great storyline, set, and director, but if an actor isn’t right for their part? You might as well kiss success goodbye. Whether they’re distracting, offensive, or just downright bad, casting mistakes have been responsible for ruining entire films and series.

Of course, casting directors get things right more often than they get them wrong. Can you imagine anyone other than Kevin Spacey in the role of Frank Underwood on House of Cards? What about a Katniss not played by Jennifer Lawrence? It’s the truly great actors in roles that seem to be written specifically for them that make casting mistakes stand out in such stark contrast.

The pitfalls of bad acting and picking bad scripts aside (we’re looking at you, Nicolas Cage), we’ve selected 25 of the worst casting choices in film and television. They are all so terrible that it was a challenge to decide on the very worst, but just wait until you see what we ended up picking for the No. 1 slot … we promise it is not a spoof!

25. Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist in The World Is Not Enough

Denise Richards with her hair pulled back looking surprised in a warehouse in 'The World Is Not Enough'

The World Is Not Enough | Eon Pictures

Denise Richards has the stunning good looks of a Bond girl, but casting her as a nuclear physicist in the 19th James Bond film was an incredibly odd choice. No one could believe that Richards was a weapons expert, and her cheesy one-liners and lack of chemistry with Pierce Bronson made matters even worse. Today, she’s remembered as the worst Bond Girl of all time.