10 Worst Characters on ‘The Walking Dead’

One of The Walking Dead‘s most consistently strong points is its incredible ensemble. Throughout the past seven seasons, fans have enjoyed an incredible ride with good guys and bad guys alike. It’s not always easy to root for characters like Rick and Carol, but that’s largely because they’re so complex.

AMC’s killer series has also delivered a handful of truly awful characters over the years too, though. We’re not just talking villains, though many of The Walking Dead‘s most unlikable men and women are often gunning for Rick and his friends. In this case, TWD‘s bad apples are also the characters that are just plain obnoxious. Maybe they’re not fully developed, maybe they make terrible, unforgivable decisions. Whatever the reason, fans often have a hard time watching when they’re on screen. Here are the 10 worst characters on The Walking Dead.

10. Father Gabriel

Gabriel attempts to get away from walkers in a scene from 'The Walking Dead'

Father Gabriel in The Walking Dead | AMC

You could give Father Gabriel points for trying these days. But then, when you remember his early decisions, it’s hard to forgive and forget. The priest hasn’t exactly been a pinnacle of piety, after all. Despite the fact that he’s a man of the cloth, many of his choices and actions have been entirely selfish.

Since we never got a chance to see what drove his decision to confess his sins and try to help Rick and his friends, it’s hard to know where he’s coming from these days. Father Gabriel could be an interesting and valuable character if we had a better understanding of what drives him. Instead, he feels like an unstable force, and one that it’s hard to care about at all.

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