The Worst Sci-Fi TV Shows of All Time

Actor Nick Tate in Space: 1999

Actor Nick Tate in Space: 1999 | ITV

In the past decade or so, science fiction on television has seen a dramatic uptick in both quantity and quality. Shows like Westworld are keeping critics engaged and audiences coming back for more week after week, but while a number of sci-fi shows over the years have developed significant cult followings, others have become notorious examples of just how bad the genre can be when it isn’t executed effectively. Here’s our look at some of the worst sci-fi shows to ever hit the small-screen. For the record, we’re focusing specifically on live-action series only. So any infamous animated shows won’t be appearing below.

1. Space: 1999 (1975–1977)

This sci-fi adventure drama remarkably ran for two seasons, despite being largely considered to have poor acting and storytelling. In any case, it centers on an explosion that sends the inhabitants of a moon base hurtling into the far reaches of space. If that premise sounds remarkably bland, you might understand why it’s on this list.

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