20 Hidden Features Your iPhone Will Get With iOS 9

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


Apple’s iOS 9 is one of the most exciting things it will release in 2015. Maybe it’s not the most exciting, considering that Apple is expected to release a new generation of iPhones, expected to be called the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, but iOS 9 will bring new features to the millions of iPhones already in use around the world.

Apple has revealed many of the major updates that iOS 9 will bring at its recent Worldwide Developers Conference. But each time it introduces a developer release of the operating system, more details about the operating system’s features and functions are revealed. The company just released the second iOS 9 beta, and while the purpose of that release is to fix bugs and improve the user experience, there are still some interesting hidden features to talk about.

As TechnoBuffalo reported, there are plenty of additions to iOS 9 that Apple didn’t discuss at WWDC, as revealed in the first and second beta of the software. As Zach Epstein reports for BGR, the Apple blog MacRumors has created a video showing off some of the hidden features of iOS 9, as revealed by the beta release. As Epstein notes, the software is not supposed to be shown off to the extent it’s demonstrated in the video, as per the terms of Apple’s developer agreement, but the blog found someone with access who was willing to demo the features.

In the video, available on YouTube here, the narrator shows off a number of iOS 9 features that users aren’t expecting, like a hidden iCloud Drive app, a battery widget for the Notification Center, and a number of changes to the operating system’s keyboard. Read on to get the scoop on 20 hidden features of iOS 9 that were revealed by the first two betas of the new operating system.