5 Futuristic Camera Technologies That Will Change How We Take Pics

Source: Thinkstock

Technology is constantly changing. It seems like every day we hear about a new smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch outfitted with cutting edge features. The mobile device market isn’t the only space seeing innovation, however. Other areas are also improving, including our cameras.

Smartphones are being equipped with higher resolution camera sensors, and digital cameras are getting better color and low-light performance options, as well as better zoom capabilities with stronger lenses. That said, these features are pretty much expected at this point. No one is surprised when a new camera has advanced features such as these.

Perhaps, what is interesting are the features that will define the future of camera technologies — those add-ons that will change the game.

1. Capturing Photos and Video In the Dark

Source: usa.canon.com

Yes, you can already capture photos and video in the dark but you need a special kind of camera with night-vision capabilities. Future cameras and imaging tech won’t need any such thing.

Canon is launching a new 35mm camera with a maximum ISO of 4,000,000. In short, it means the device can practically see in the dark, without any additional filters or enhancements. Why is this so exciting? Because when you currently look at the night sky, you see a lot more colors than just black and white, especially during dusk and dawn. Canon’s camera should be able to capture vivid photos even in low-light environments.

Sadly, most consumers won’t be getting their hands on it. The ME20F-SH camera will cost in excess of $30,000 at launch. Who knows, though? Maybe in a few years that technology will be implemented in more affordable models that everyone can use.