7 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Running Like New

When you buy a new smartphone, it often runs quickly for a few months, and then seems to slow down inexplicably. But it turns out that it’s pretty easy for you to keep your smartphone — either an iPhone or an Android phone — running like new. Read on for 7 easy ways to speed up your phone and keep everything running smoothly.

1. Keep your software updated

iOS 9 update on iPhone and iPad

The first step in keeping your smartphone running like new is to keep the software up-to-date | Source: Apple.com

The latest version of your phone’s operating system, whether iOS or Android, often contains updates and bug fixes to make your phone run more smoothly and more quickly. On an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you can check for updates via the Settings app. While you’re at it, also make sure that you’re keeping up with updates for the apps installed on your phone. When you’re running the latest version of all of the software, things are more likely to keep running smoothly and quickly.

2. Uninstall apps that you don’t need anymore

man holding smartphone and smiling

To get the most out of your smartphone, uninstall the apps you don’t need anymore | Source: iStock

Almost everyone has installed some apps that have outlived their utility — maybe an app for that airline you flew only once, the camera app that you never could get the hang of, or a game that just wasn’t as entertaining as you’d anticipated. It’s fine to change your mind about an app, but make sure that you uninstall the ones you don’t need. Unnecessary apps use up storage, and even system resources if they’re occasionally running tasks in the background, so periodically evaluate the apps you have on your device and get rid of the ones that aren’t useful to you anymore. For apps that come preloaded on your Android phone and can’t  be deleted, disable them to keep them from using resources.

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