6 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older

What is it about makeup that can completely warp our perception of age? When you were younger, you probably caked on foundation, concealer, and tons of eyeliner to appear older for that jock you were crushing on, the movie attendant collecting stubs for the R-rated movie you were dying to see, or maybe even a waiter at your favorite restaurant. Once you hit your 20s and 30s, however, the tables turn and you begin searching for the fountain of youth.

There are things we can do to appear younger, like staying hydrated and moisturizing. There are also some things we unknowingly do that make us appear older. The next time you apply makeup, make sure to avoid these six mistakes.

1. Wearing heavy black eyeliner

asian woman applying eyeliner on eye

Applying heavy eyeliner will age you. | iStock.com/Sasiistock

Coating your eyes with mascara and liner is a great way to make them pop, but that doesn’t mean you should go crazy. Putting on too much eyeliner — especially if you’re using a heavy black mixture — won’t do you any favors. “Our eyelashes thin out as we get older, and women sometimes try to overcompensate for that with lots of black makeup,” dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Melanie Grossman, M.D., told Health. “All that does, though, is draw attention to the wrinkles around your eyes.” Instead, try your luck with a dark brown or gray liner — and use it sparingly. After all, makeup isn’t face paint; it’s there to enhance your natural features.

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