Long Night? 6 Beauty Products That Refresh Your Face

We all have one of those nights where sleep eludes us. Whatever the reason, be it stress, feeling overtired, or you stayed out too late and had one too many drinks, waking up the morning after from a horrible night’s sleep can leave you worse for wear. We’re talking puffy eyes and sallow skin.

To ease your exhaustion and raise your spirits — hang in there, you’ll make it back to bed eventually — here are some fantastic beauty products that promise and claim to reinvigorate your skin, thanks to ingredients that brighten, soothe, and hide your overdrawn look. We can’t guarantee you’ll feel amazing, but you’ll sure as hell look much better at your 9 a.m. meeting.

1. Avène Thermal Spring Water

thermal spring water

Thermal spring water | DermStore

First things first: Before you even think about putting any product on your face, as soon as you wake up, “Simply splash cold water on your face,” dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D., tells Good Housekeeping. Fusco says the coolness of the water constricts the blood vessels on your face and gives your skin a more toned and smooth look, something that a lack of sleep robs from your face. To mirror that feeling during the day when you’re at the office, try spraying Avène Thermal Spring Water on your face for that extra boost.