Can Your Phone Change Your Personality? Research Says Yes

man holding smartphone and smiling

You might think your smartphone isn’t changing your personality, but research shows that isn’t true |

Your personality is a big part of who you are. The sum of your behaviors and your tendencies form powerful patterns. So it’s no surprise your personality plays a part in the relationships you build and the career you choose. There’s a reason workplace personality testing is a pretty big industry, for better or for worse. Learning to be conscious of your personality will help you to figure out why you act (and react) the way you do. And you can probably look to your personality to learn about why you’re drawn to the jobs, activities, friendships, and relationships that you are.

After all, personality seems pretty fixed. Sure, we can learn to meditate to be a little more calm. Or we can push ourselves to take more risks in making friends or shaping our careers. Many of us would like to be more friendly or more in control of our emotions. And perhaps we’d like to be more open to new experiences. But our ability to achieve those is probably linked to what we’re working with in terms of personality. It’s unlikely we can make lasting changes to our personalities, right?

That might sound like common sense. But as we all spend more and more hours glued to our smartphones and scrolling through social media, some surprising evidence is popping up. Your beloved iPhone or Android phone may be changing your personality — at least in a few specific ways. Thought you were set in your ways and not susceptible to the more negative effects of smartphone use just because you aren’t totally addicted to your device? Think again.

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