10 Clever Ways You Can Make Your Shoes Last Longer

There are millions of shoes out there varying in material, style, and heel height. But finding a timeless, single pair that is comfortable, looks stylish, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg is not easy. Like any other article of clothing or accessory, everything has a lifespan; however, there are some things you can do to extend the amount of time you can wear your favorite shoes. Whether you prefer boots, heels, or flats, here are 10 hacks for giving your shoes a second life.

1. Invest in a shoe tree

shoes with shoe stretcher

A shoe tree can really make your kicks last longer. | iStock.com/ KenTannenbaum

It’s only natural to toss your shoes underneath your bed or have them scattered around your apartment. But stacking them on top of each other makes them lose their shape. In that vein, it may be in your best interest to pick up a couple shoe trees. Not only will they preserve a shoe’s natural shape, but they’ll keep that pungent stench at bay. 

“Cedar shoe trees remove excess moisture produced by your feet and are therefore critical in maintaining and extending the life of leather shoes,” Paul Evans co-founder Evan Fript told Business Insider. “Any investment made in a high-quality pair of leather shoes should be accompanied by the purchase of a cedar show tree.” Though they’re traditionally used for men’s dress shoes, we don’t see the harm in a woman picking up a couple for her flats and loafers.

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