Donald Trump’s Hair: How to Get the ‘Trump’ Look

Donald Trump's hair

Donald Trump’s hair | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump may be the most controversial presidential candidate of all time, but before you hit the exit button on this article, know we’re not about to get political on you. We are, however, going to take a moment to recognize Trump’s real running mate: his hair.

While Trump has campaigned to “make America great again,” the greatness of his hair has been just as hotly contested, with his signature swoop pretty much securing its own separate platform. Regardless of your political affiliation, one thing that most everyone can agree on is the power of those strands in making a statement — good, bad, or ugly.

His hair has its own dedicated Twitter accounts; Trump-inspired costume wigs are now a dime a dozen; a book has been written about it (“Donald Trump and the Wig of Evil,” for all who are interested); and a “Trump Donald” interactive site allows you to blast a trumpet on Trump’s hair to watch it flow. Clearly, there is a fascination with his follicles. Ironically enough, the Trump Donald site was created by Swedish creative agency, Animal. So, it’s not only an American obsession.