6 Insulting Things Android Fans Think About iPhone Users

Two women sitting in a bar and staring at mobile phones

Android users have a lot to say about iOS users | iStock.com/oneinchpunch

iOS vs. Android is a perennial battle — one that will be fought to the death and argued to the ends of irrationality on certain corners of the internet. iPhone fans believe certain insulting things about Android users. And Android fans have very specific and unflattering ideas about iPhone users. Strangely enough, users of each operating system seem to have strong opinions about people who choose to use the other platform.

Whichever side of the operating system divide you’ve chosen, you’ve probably observed a comments section or a forum thread devolve into a test of name-calling skills between devoted fans of Android and iOS. Such exchanges are pretty annoying when they derail more substantive discussions. But they can be entertaining if you’re just there to observe how ridiculous people are willing to sound on the internet.

We’ve collected some less-than-flattering things that Android fans think (and say) about iPhone users. Most of them are based on erroneous assumptions about the differences between Android and iOS. And others stem from some common misconceptions about Android. Others are even rooted in myths about iOS. Read on and you’ll be well-prepared to observe the warfare on your local Android or Apple blog.

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