60 Mac and PC Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know

There are plenty of smart ways to get the most out of your computer,¬†whether you’re trying to figure out how to make your laptop battery last longer, figure out why your machine is running more slowly than you’d like, or take advantage of smart features and shortcuts to streamline your workflow. Another must-know way to make using your Mac or PC simpler? Learning some useful keyboard shortcuts. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the essential keyboard shortcuts you need on a PC or Mac.

The basics of keyboard shortcuts on Windows

Learning keyboard shortcuts helps you streamline your workflow and do things faster, whether you're on a Mac or a PC

Keyboard shortcuts are a very useful feature of both Windows and Mac computers | Source: iStock

Keyboard shortcuts on Windows and on other operating systems make it easier to perform tasks that you’d typically need a mouse or another device to accomplish. Keyboard shortcuts make it easier to work with Windows and with the apps that you’ve loaded on your computer.

As Microsoft explains, most apps provide “accelerator keys” that make it easier to work with menus and other commands. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time with an app, it pays to check the menu to learn about those accelerator keys. If a letter of a word is underlined in a menu, that means that you can press the Alt key and the underlined key together instead of clicking that menu item. And when you’re using a touch keyboard, you can see some shortcuts when you press the Ctrl key. Pressing the Alt key in some apps shows commands, along with the additional keys you’ll need to press to use them.

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