8 Must-Know Lessons From French Beauty Routines

Everyone is obsessed with French style. And, correctly or incorrectly, much of the fashion world idolizes the archetype of an effortlessly chic Parisian who looks incredible in any outfit without even trying. That mythological French woman may or may not exist, but what does exist is a unique, French approach to beauty, which has given the world a wide array of cult-favorite French beauty products.

No matter how much we love the idea of being that woman who never wears too much makeup or puts too much effort into her hair, there probably aren’t too many women who follow all the French beauty rules. Nonetheless, there definitely are some must-know lessons we’ve learned over the years from quintessentially French beauty routines. Read on to check out our favorite tips, and you’ll feel a little bit more Parisian the next time you go through your skin care regimen or your makeup routine.

1. Embrace a natural look

beautiful woman doing makeup

To try out a French approach to beauty, try to accept your features instead of hiding or changing them. | iStock.com/gpointstudio

There’s no rule that says you can’t use concealer, have to ditch your foundation, or need to throw out your finishing powder. But if French beauty routines have taught us one thing, it’s settling for a natural look is a better choice than spending half your morning in front of the mirror.

Kathleen Hou reports for NY Mag’s The Cut that “French women don’t contour” because they aren’t focused on changing their faces. You certainly get the green light to hide dark circles or blemishes, but you don’t need to try to change the shape of your nose or the angle of your cheekbones with makeup.

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