11 Places to Stream 4K Movies and TV Shows

Many tech enthusiasts are buying 4K TVs or are at least investigating whether a 4K TV is worth the investment. (And, if a 4K TV is worth it by their personal calculus, they’re noting which TVs are worth buying.) But a big part of making the switch to a 4K TV is finding 4K movies and shows to enjoy. It’s true that there’s still less 4K content than you might imagine. Fortunately, 4K movies and 4K TV shows are becoming more abundant.

In fact, you can find a 4K TV and 4K movies via a variety of platforms and apps. Some of those platforms are exclusive to specific brands of TVs, while others are accessible only on select streaming devices. There’s also the option of purchasing a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Going that route will set you back a few hundred dollars, but it will give you the best possible picture and audio quality.

Streaming is an option that eliminates the need for (more) pricey equipment. It can be an attractive way to go if you have a fast internet connection. Streaming is, by far, the easiest way to get new content to watch. And it doesn’t require a lot of advanced planning (which is necessary when you’re relying on Blu-ray discs). Read on to check out your best options for streaming 4K movies and 4K TV shows.

1. Amazon Video

Three happy friends watching TV

Try Amazon Video for streaming 4K content | iStock.com/AntonioGuillem

A $99 Amazon Prime membership is good for a lot more than fast shipping. Among its laundry list of perks and freebies, the subscription affords you access to Amazon Video. The service offers unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, including a selection of 4K movies and TV. As Consumer Reports notes, Amazon doesn’t charge extra to watch content in 4K. You’ll just need the Amazon app on a 4K TV. You’ll see a dedicated menu for “Prime Ultra-HD TV” or “Ultra-HD Movies.” Of note is the fact that Amazon is filming its original content in 4K, which should lead to a growing 4K catalog over time. 

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