5 Reasons Not to Replace Everything With Streaming

The world is going digital — that much is clear. Many of us have turned to digital and streaming services as our primary source of entertainment. We binge-watch shows on Netflix and stream playlists on Spotify. While the tide is definitely shifting toward streaming and digital media, physical media isn’t dead yet. Paper book sales are staging a comeback years after the first ebook came to market. Music aficionados are still buying albums on vinyl, a medium whose popularity peaked decades ago. This is all for good reason: Physical media still has its place in the modern world. There are plenty of reasons not to replace all of your media needs with streaming and digital versions. Here are a few.

1. Sometimes you’re offline

the interior of an airplane

There might be no Wi-Fi on this flight | iStock.com

The most obvious reason not to do away with all the physical media in your life is you’re not always online to enjoy streamed content. Sometimes you’re in the car and you don’t want to blow through your phone’s data cap. Sometimes you’re on a plane the airline hasn’t upgraded with Wi-Fi yet. As connected as we are, we still encounter the occasional internet dead zone or roadblock.

On the plus side, some streaming services have begun allowing users to download shows and songs to enjoy offline. But in this imperfect world of ours, we don’t always have time to prepare for when we’ll need offline content. Say your power goes out, or — surprise! — the cable company needs to work on your neighborhood’s wires all afternoon. The best plan is to play it safe and keep some physical media around.

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