Is It Dangerous to Use Expired Toiletries and Skin Care Products?

Using expired toiletries isn’t simply ineffective, it can cause you to break out and really irritate your skin. However, accidents do happen. We’ve all been there, opening up a jar only to discover our favorite moisturizer has separated, dried out, gone bad, or even worse, smells fowl. How long are products supposed to last anyway? And how do you prevent this from happening in the first place?

Take care of your stuff


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While everything expires at some point, there are ways of making your skin care products stay fresher, last longer, and most importantly, retain their effectiveness. If you have a choice, always buy a product with a pump. Pumps are a physical barrier to bacterial growth (yuck!) and make it much easier to dispense the proper amount of whatever you are using, from lotions to serums.

If a jar is your only option, make sure you wash your hands before you stick them in. Jars breed bacteria like a fifth grade science fair.

Contrary to what you have probably been doing for your entire life, you aren’t supposed to store your products in the bathroom. Grooming products should be ideally stored in a cool, dark, dry place, so pretty much anywhere but your bathroom. That being said, you are probably going to store them there anyway, so make sure your caps are on tightly and put your bottles, jar, and tubes, away in a medicine cabinet or drawer, as opposed to just leaving them out on the sink or on a shelf.

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