7 Smart Home Products You Shouldn’t Buy

If you’re thinking of turning your house or your apartment into a smart home, you’ve probably realized that there are many potential problems that you’re likely to encounter along the way. Figuring out the right gadgets to purchase is difficult. Determining which communication protocol to commit to can be stressful. And even the few smart home products that just about everybody knows by name — like Amazon Echo or the Nest thermostat — have their issues.

1. Smart home devices with gaping security vulnerabilities

OKIDOKEY smart locks and smart keys are displayed at CES

OKIDOKEY smart locks and smart keys are displayed at CES | Robyn Beck/Getty Images

One of the biggest concerns about smart home devices is that they aren’t secure enough. Unfortunately, in many cases, that’s true. There are numerous ways that your smart home gadgets can leave you vulnerable, since poorly designed or hastily launched gadgets often neglect basic security measures. By tracking your usage habits, leaving communications exposed, using vulnerable communication protocols, leaving video feeds unprotected, or neglecting to safeguard your personal information, many smart home products don’t protect you as they should. And as if that weren’t bad enough, you also have to be aware that many smart locks can be hacked. And while you can lower the odds of your security camera getting hacked, the device is still going to be at the top of the list of “possible weak links” in a connected home.

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