Fix Your Most Annoying Hair Problems With These Solutions

If your bad hair days outweigh the good days, it’s time to take control of your ’do and banish your most annoying hair problems. Start loving your locks again with these eight solutions to some of the most common woes we’ve all faced with our tresses. You’re welcome.

1. Frizzy hair

woman drying her wavy hair

Fight the frizz factor with our tips. |

Frizzy hair, don’t care? Yeah, right. The frizz factor may be one of the most common hair problems women face. And humidity only adds insult to injury in many cases. From unruly fly-aways to all-out voluminous, messy frizz, it can all ruin any chance of a good hair day.

To tame the beast, start at the beginning right after a shower. Rather than rubbing vigorously with a towel, pat and scrunch your locks dry with a gentler microfiber towel or T-shirt. Apply a leave-in conditioner, too, which will help combat frizz before it starts. Also, for the females with extreme frizz, use a brush sparingly — especially once hair is dry. It will only exacerbate those issues.

When it comes to additional hair products, a keratin spray can help fill out the hair cuticle and de-frizz. Plus, there are a number of finishing creams and oils that will hydrate and smooth away frizz.

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