Sports Tech: 4 Cool Gadgets for Snowboarders and Skiers

Winter is coming and that means one thing: time to hit the slopes! Whether you are a snowboarder or skier, modern technology has advanced even some of the standard accessories used for winter sports. From gloves to goggles, we have gathered a list of the most advanced essentials for this winter. Check out our suggestions below to make your next snow adventure the best yet.

1. NuDown Jacket



Arguably the most essential part to any mountain get-up is the cold-protective jacket. One of the most innovative pieces of outerwear on the market is the NuDown jacket which allows you to control your own warmth. Simply squeeze the in-pocket pump to force air around your torso for added heat. A good rule of thumb is: five pumps for normal activity on a slightly chilly day, 10 pumps for colder conditions, and 15-20 pumps for harsh winter days. The NuDown Jacket even has different designs for men and women so you can customize your insulation in style.