9 Spring Nail Polish Colors We Can’t Get Enough Of

Whether you prefer to get your nails professionally done or want to save money and DIY at home, don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong polish color. In the same way you transition your clothing on a seasonal basis, you should be doing the same with your nail polish preferences. It’s time to put away your maroon, black, and vampy purple. Instead, spring calls for pastels, playful blues, bright neutrals, and pinks with orange undertones. Read on to discover which nail polishes we’re gushing over, and use them as a guide to choosing your own colors this spring.

1. Nars Ikiru

Nars Ikiru

Nars polish in Ikiru | Sephora

Nars Cosmetics is a master at creating iconic makeup colors, and the nail polish shade Ikiru is no exception. This spring-worthy polish is long-lasting and has a high-gloss finish, plus a new brush design for easier application. Just imagine how great this light blue will look on your fingertips once your tan starts coming in.

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