5 Style Tips You Must Follow When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

Every relationship has its series of firsts: first date, first kiss, and first fight, to name a few. But perhaps the most intimidating first is meeting your significant other’s parents. Sure, they’ll probably like you because you make their little girl or boy happy; however, the first meeting tends to feel more like an interrogation than a couple rounds of drinks. And all the while your head is filled with a flood of questions: Are my jokes parent-appropriate? Is my significant other’s dad judging me for ordering a glass of wine instead of a masculine beer or scotch? Do I have a silly look on my face?

We can’t coach you through the whole encounter, but allow us to assist you with one crucial factor: your outfit. While your girlfriend or boyfriend may not care about your daily outfits, what you wear to this event will say a lot about yourself. Behold: five style tips you need to know before meeting the parents.

1. Nix the casual shoes

a man on the beach wearing sandals

Wear mature shoes to this first encounter. | iStock.com

Unless your first meet-up is taking place at your local rock climbing gym or the beach, sporting your sneakers or sandals is a major faux pas. For starters, your comfy kicks will make you look like a little boy versus the man who’s dating their child. And let’s not forget they’re distracting. Whose parents are going to pay attention to your story about your recent business trip when they’re too busy staring at your muddy gym shoes or debating whether you need a pedicure. Gross. Instead, pull out your conservative closed-toe brogues. If meeting the parents is more of a casual affair, opt for a pair of easy loafers.

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