6 Sunburn Treatments You Have to Try This Summer

You probably didn’t know it was happening. Perhaps you were too busy splashing around in the water, completing your pager-turner of a beach read or taking a nap. But by the time you got home and took a glance in the mirror, it was too late: You looked more like a boiled lobster than a human. That’s right, you fell victim to a bad sunburn. And no matter how many times your mother, significant other, or any concerned civilian preaches the consequences of not reapplying your sunscreen every some-odd minutes, you’ll mostly likely acquire a few cases over the course of each summer. While we advocate smart, sun-safe actions, the bottom line is that it happens. So fear not, dear reader: check out six sunburn treatments to soothe your skin.

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

This man needs to moisturize immediately | Source: iStock

For any grooming guru, moisturizing is a must. After all, who wants unnecessarily dry and wrinkly skin? Exactly. But when you’ve spent too many SPF-free hours in the sun, moisturizing becomes mandatory for every victim. When deciding which concoction is best, pick a formula that contains aloe or aloe vera, a species known as “true aloe.” Available in many post-sun products, SheKnows notes that it contains active compounds that fight pain, infection, inflammation and post-burn bleeding. Translation? Aloe is a miracle worker. It seems obvious that using a gel or lotion will moisturize, hydrate and add soothing nutrients to your skin, but they can also help avoid that awkward peeling aftermath. To reduce the peeling even more, The Huffington Post suggests sitting in a bath that’s mixed with a few drops of lavender oil and resist the urge to pick at your skin.