5 Terrible Trends in Smartphones

When the biggest problem with new smartphones is they’re so good they’re boring, it might seem petty to complain about any of their minor shortcomings. But we need to remember complaining is how you encourage companies to make better products and services. When you look at it from that angle, it’s clear complaining is one of the best ways to keep the tech world churning out better products year after year. To that end, why don’t we take a look at some of the terrible trends in smartphones to see how phone companies could improve them with a little effort.

1. Eliminating headphone jacks

iPhones in boxes

The iPhone 7 has no headphone jack | George Frey/Getty Images

We can all probably agree wireless is better than wired for most — or possibly even all — tech products. So I can see why Apple (and probably Samsung) are driving us toward that future by removing headphone jacks from their phones. But right now, wireless headphones means using Bluetooth technology, which isn’t exactly great.

There are other downsides to ditching headphone jacks as well, like making it less convenient for customers to use their existing headphones, some of which are quite expensive. Also, with the iPhone 7, you can’t use the phone while using wired headphones (without buying a special dongle, anyway), which is certainly inconvenient.

Tech companies will eliminate all wires they can eventually, but perhaps they should keep wired headphones around for a little while longer.

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