The 6 Best Accessories to Wear With Your Tux

If you’ve received invitations that say “Black Tie,” be prepared to wear a tux, since this dress code usually means the event is very formal. However, that doesn’t mean you have to dress boring. You can wear a colored tuxedo in either navy, burgundy, or even a tuxedo jacket with a print. What will ground your look is the accessories you wear with it. The classics are a good start such as a cummerbund, waistcoat, and black cap toe oxfords, but here are a few more accessories to help pump up your formal look.

1. Bow tie

Man wearing a bow tie and suspenders

Try a bow tie. |

When choosing a bow tie for a black tie event, match your tie to the lapel of your jacket. If it’s black, then wear a black bow tie. That’s the best option. If you’re wearing a colored tuxedo with an evening white shirt, then wear a white bow tie for a monochrome effect. Pattern is also good as long as the main color matches your lapel.

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