5 Times Apple Has Treated Its Customers Badly

Apple is a major force in today’s tech landscape. It makes products that are widely purchased and generally adored by customers. Apple also treats its customers well, routinely landing near the top of customer satisfaction surveys. But just because customers are usually satisfied doesn’t mean Apple always makes all the right moves. There have been a number of times when Apple has fallen short of its promise to make customers happy. Here are a few of the standout moments.

1. Removing the MacBook Pro’s “time remaining” feature

iPhone battery indicator

The “time remaining” feature was important to Macbook users | Apple

Apple touts its Touch Bar-equipped 2016 MacBook Pro as providing about 10 hours of battery life. While Apple is normally one of the industry’s few straight shooters when it comes to battery life specs, many reviewers and customers complained that they weren’t getting anywhere near that much out of their batteries. They said they were getting more like seven, or even five hours out of a single charge.

One way they knew how much battery life they were getting was by looking at the “time remaining” feature, which explicitly tells you how long you can expect your computer to keep running. According to reviewers’ tests, the time listed tended to be accurate.

In response to this controversy, Apple could have updated the MacBook Pro’s software to make it last longer, if it was a software issue. Or it could have changed the MacBook Pro’s spec sheet to reflect real-world battery life more accurately. Instead, Apple issued an update that removes the “time remaining” feature, claiming it wasn’t accurate. Meanwhile, battery life remains the same five to seven hours, but now customers can’t glance at the corner of their screen to see how much time they have left. Thanks, Apple.

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