11 Ways to Use Kitchen Staples for DIY Beauty Treatments

If the ingredient list on your favorite skin care, hair, and beauty products has you questioning what exactly you’re slathering all over yourself — or rinsing through your locks — then it’s time to go to the kitchen! It couldn’t be easier to whip up a few beauty-promoting recipes that provide a whole new way of looking at kitchen staples. Channel your inner DIY diva and check out this list of 11 all-natural beauty treatments that might be better than the pricey stuff from the store.

1. Makeup remover

flask filled with olive oil

Wash the day away with extra-virgin olive oil. | iStock.com

Tired of subpar makeup remover that leaves you with raccoon eyes? Well, believe it or not, straight-up extra-virgin olive oil can work as well as most cleansing towelettes, eye makeup remover pads, and soap formulas. And as ModernMom points out, it’s quite economical, too. Simply massage the olive oil into your face and over your eye area with a cotton ball or soft towel and watch as your foundation, lipstick, mascara, eye liner — everything — dissolves away, no scrubbing required! Plus, the olive oil gives your skin a nourishing, all-natural boost of vitamin E every time you use it.

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