12 Useful Apps We Wish Existed in Real Life

Whether you use Android or iOS, the app store on your smartphone of choice has more apps than you could possibly try out in a lifetime. We have apps to make our Instagram photos better and apps that can help us be more creative. You can download apps to message your family and friends or apps to search for cheap flights to go visit those friends and family members. There are tons of practical apps.

There are loads of impractical apps, too. We have emoji keyboards. We have funny apps, which — you guessed it — exist just to make you laugh. Plus, you can download apps to get food delivery when you really don’t want to leave home, even if it’s just to grab a sandwich or a box of frozen macaroni and cheese at the corner convenience store.

No matter how many apps you download, there’s still a void that can’t be filled (even if the storage on your smartphone is dangerously close to full.) That empty space is for the apps that we wish existed but, try as we might, we can’t actually find in the App Store or the Play Store. Everybody has their own app wish list. But the fictional apps ahead are ones we’d be particularly eager to download if they ever become a reality.

1. The omniscient anti-procrastination app

bored sad woman in front of computer

We all procrastinate, so we wouldn’t mind an app that can help us stop | iStock.com/anyaberkut

Need to stop procrastinating at the office or when you’re working on a project at home? Then you’ve probably figured out existing time management apps probably don’t cut it. So you need an app that stops procrastination by sounding a loud alarm every time you open Facebook, Minecraft, or Instagram on your phone, or each time you stray from work-approved apps on your computer. The only way to shut off the obnoxious alarm? Getting back to work.

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