7 Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars on a PC or Mac

A new Mac or a new PC is a big purchase. Whether you’re buying a laptop or a desktop, a new machine will cost hundreds, or perhaps $1,000 or more. (If you’re really looking for a top-of-the-line machine, $2,000 might be a more realistic ballpark figure.) Whenever you’re planning on spending that much money, it pays to think carefully about what you’re getting. And also to figure out if there are some smart ways to save money.

Fortunately, you can save hundreds of dollars on a new PC or Mac if you buy the right machine at the right time. (All while avoiding common computer-shopping mistakes.) You just have to know when and how to make your purchase, and what to look for in order to save the most money. Read on to check out our most useful tips, and you’ll be well on your way toward saving hundreds on your next computer purchase.

1. Plan ahead

smiling man using a laptop

Planning is a key part of saving money on a PC or Mac | iStock.com/cyano66

If you wait until your PC or Mac is dying (or dead) to purchase a new one, then you’ll deprive yourself of the opportunity to save. If, instead, you take a few months to find a replacement for an aging machine, you’ll get a few benefits. First of all, you’ll have the opportunity to find sales and promotions. You’ll also benefit from a wider selection as new models are introduced. Plus, you’ll have time to research exactly which components you need. And you’ll be able to spend more time reading reviews and making sure you’re choosing the right PC or Mac. Plus, you may be able to figure out when sales are coming (late summer back-to-school sales, for instance, are good ones to plan for). 

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