ADHD Symptoms: 10 Signs You Have Adult ADHD

ADHD is typically associated with overactive children who can’t seem to quit bouncing off the walls, but it affects more than just kids. It’s not uncommon for ADHD to be misdiagnosed, or even ignored altogether, in adults as some symptoms may be attributed to other common issues such as stress at work. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ADHD is typically first diagnosed in childhood, and often lasts into adulthood. It’s more common than you might think, too. The American Psychiatric Association¬†estimates 2.5% of adults to have ADHD.

According to the CDC, ADHD presents itself in one of three ways: predominantly inattentive, hyperactive/impulsive, or combined. For a doctor to make a diagnosis, at least five of the symptoms (per classification) must be present in an adult. If you weren’t diagnosed as a child, but often struggle with the following challenges, it’s time to have a discussion with your doctor. Here are 10¬†signs you could have adult ADHD.

1. Inability to pay attention

man sleeping at desk

Struggling to pay attention at work is a sign of adult ADHD. |

Many people find it difficult to concentrate every now and again, but if you constantly struggle with remaining attentive, you may have ADHD. It’s not surprising that a continual lack of focus, a disregard for details, and an inability to follow through with projects or tasks will all negatively impact your life. From daily responsibilities at work to expectations within personal relationships, ADHD, when undiagnosed, often puts strain on several areas of a person’s life.

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