7 Alcoholic Drinks That Won’t Make You Gain Weight

Cutting calories isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Just when you think you’ve hit your dieting stride, it’s sometimes all too easy to fall off the wagon and revert to old ways. And one of the easiest ways to forgo your steady weight loss program? Regularly sipping your favorite alcoholic drink.

Your favorite after-work beverages and go-to weekend cocktails can really throw a wrench into your otherwise healthy lifestyle, so it’s important to maintain some sort of semblance when it comes to your alcohol intake. Besides being riddled with calories, sugar, and other toxins, adult beverages tend to leave most people hungover, and who has time for that? Next time you’re looking to imbibe, give these seven healthier cocktails a try.

1. Mojito

Mojito in a silver cup on a wooden table

A mojito may be one of the best beverages for your diet. | iStock.com

For all the mint-loving folks out there, the pull of a classic mojito is strong. The downside, though, is the drink is typically packed with tons of sugar. In a calorie-conscious version of the Cuban cocktail, Bethenny Frankel’s recipe, published in Health, contains only 150 calories (as opposed to 250 commonly found in other versions). Once the lime wedges and mint leaves have been muddled in a shaker with the ice and a splash of lime juice, a dash of warm honey, rum, and club soda make a great addition to this low-cal, yet refreshing cocktail.

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