Are Energy Drinks Really Dangerous? 6 Facts You Need to Know

We’ve all experienced those days when all you want to do is sleep even though somehow you have to find the energy to keep going. Maybe you have an interview at the end of the day or promised friends you’d make it to a late-night party. When you have to be alert and full of energy, grabbing an energy drink can seem like the easiest way to turn the day around. Add it to a cocktail and suddenly you have the energy to party with the best of them.

Some studies have found certain ingredients in energy drinks, like ginseng and B vitamins, are good for you in healthy doses. But in most cases, the very ingredients you rely on to get you going can be extremely harmful to your body. Potential risks associated with regular energy drink consumption include diabetes, miscarriages, obesity, and poor dental health, among others. The following six energy drink facts explain why your favorite picker-uppers should be consumed with care, if at all.

1. They can kill

Energy drinks

Energy drinks have the potential to kill. |

Yep, you read that correctly. In 2012 the Food and Drug Administration reported 13 deaths since 2009 were caused by 5-Hour Energy shots alone. At that time, an additional 30 life-threatening situations like heart attacks and convulsions were reported. Since these 2012 reports, additional overdoses from energy drinks have been reported, particularly in children and teens.

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