Want to Lose Weight? 10 of the Best Diets out There

A man measures the success of his diet

A man measures the success of his diet — one that he picked from the list of best diets. | iStock.com

You can hit the crowded gym all you want to start on your weight-loss goals, but unless you’re also changing your eating habits, you’re not likely to lose much weight. Exercise is an important factor in any weight-loss plan, but The New York Times says you need to run a calorie deficit to lose weight. The easiest way to do this is to eat fewer calories by watching your portion sizes or the types of foods you’re eating. The result? You might seriously want to look at a diet plan.

The problem is knowing which diet will work best for you. Some cut-out food groups like dairy or most carbs, while others allow those things, so long as you eat a garden’s worth of vegetables each day. Other diets, often fads or ill-conceived notions, are downright dangerous for your health.

Ultimately, you know your body, and you also likely already know which foods you need to cut down on — whether it’s that third Venti cup of coffee-flavored sugar from Starbucks, or your fast food habit that strikes around 8 p.m. when you haven’t had a decent dinner. But following a diet plan can still have its advantages, especially if you perform well with structure.

To help you wade through the myriad of diet options available out there, U.S. News & World Report asked a panel of health experts to evaluate some of the most popular eating plans. As a result, we now have several lists of the best diets to try. One list compiles a comprehensive set of the best overall diets for your health, while others focus on plans if you have diabetes, or if you’d rather just focus on losing weight.

We don’t dig into any specific list, but here are the 10 individual diets experts liked the most.

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