5 Brutal Burpee Workouts to Supercharge Your Metabolism

Every gym-goer keeps a mental log of their favorite as well as least favorite exercises and, in certain cases, a particular move will wind up on both lists. Confused? Don’t be, because we’re talking about burpees. As grueling as they are, burpees also build strength, boost cardiovascular fitness, and improve balance while targeting every part of your body. The burning in your legs and lungs is a relatively small price to pay.

Simply knowing the exercise is beneficial doesn’t do much good if you can’t figure out a way to incorporate it into a routine, though. Going with a structured workout takes away the guesswork and also ensures you’ll really challenge yourself when you might otherwise be tempted to back off, which means you’ll score more metabolism-boosting benefits. And because they don’t require any equipment, you can include burpees in a bodyweight routine just as easily as one that involves weights at the gym.

Since everyone’s fitness level, time constraints, and equipment access vary, we’ve rounded up routines to meet just about every need. Try one of these five workouts to kick your metabolism into fat-burning mode.

1. The New Dad Workout

Man doing plank position on a mat at home

This grueling workout is full of burpees. | iStock.com

Though Men’s Health designed this workout with new fathers in mind, it’s the perfect routine for anyone who doesn’t have time to make it to the gym. It’s also remarkably simple because the entire 15-minute workout is composed entirely of burpees. Rather than attempting to perform the exercise nonstop for the allotted time, you’ll perform a specific number of repetitions every minute, depending on your fitness level. The remaining time before the next minute starts is your rest.

Since this workout is so bare bones, form is more important than ever. Don’t feel embarrassed if you need to start at the lowest level because you’re much better off performing six perfect burpees than 12 terrible ones. Check out this tutorial from Greatist if you need some pointers.

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