Cancer From Chemicals? These Household Products Are Known Carcinogens

A doctor pointing at an X-ray of someone's lungs

Some household products are carcinogenic. | American Cancer Society via Getty Images

We all know to avoid smoking, excessive alcohol use, and tanning bed exposure to lower our cancer risk, but we may not realize the everyday products we use could be every bit as dangerous to our health. From the dryer sheets used in our laundry to cleaning solutions for wiping our cabinets, certain household items contain ingredients that are known carcinogens.

Changes in cell DNA can lead to cancer, and these changes can be hereditary or as a result of your lifestyle choices, pollution, or the products you’re exposed to at work or in your home. And according to the American Cancer Society, any substance or exposure that can lead to cancer is known as a carcinogen. Even if they don’t directly affect DNA, carcinogens can impact the cells in a way that leads to problems later on.

If you’ve only used a carcinogenic household product once or twice, your chances of it affecting you negatively are slim, though we can’t say the same for those who use these products frequently. Not all carcinogens have the same cancer-causing potential, either — the exposure to some is worse than others. And, like most diseases, if cancer runs in your family, you may be at a higher risk.

You should always feel safe in your home, so take a look at this list of household products that are known carcinogens. We suggest eliminating them from your home immediately.

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