Can’t Lose Weight? 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong

It can be all too easy to fall off the wellness wagon, given our busy schedules and daily temptations. Here, we’ve collected a list of common hiccups when it comes to staying healthy, along with tips that combat these urges to slip up so you can keep your fitness routine on point. Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute trainers Adam Friedman and Jamie Eason give us advice on quick fixes for everyday distractions.

1. Answering your phone in the middle of a workout

muscular man holding his gym bag

Wondering why you can’t lose weight? These factors might be to blame |

Texting and talking between sets leads to bad gym behavior for two reasons, according to Friedman and Eason. One: You might end up taking more time between sets, wasting valuable gym time and letting your heart rate slip. Two: While you’re typing away, your body wants you to be hydrating and stretching to recover from the work it just put in. This can throw off the overall rhythm of your workout and put you at risk for injury. Not to mention another obvious problem — it’s rude and obnoxious gym behavior.

The fix: Leave your phone in your gym bag or locker so you’re not tempted by email alerts, calls, or text messages. If you use your phone for music, put it in airplane mode so no unnecessary distractions come through.