The Ways Cursing Can Actually Be Good for You

Potty mouth? Yeah, us too. But there’s good news. If you just can’t seem to quit dropping F-bombs, it might actually be a good sign. Turns out, there are benefits to be had for those who have a less-than-kid-friendly vocabulary. Yes, we’re talking about curse words. Swears. Foul language. If you consider yourself a member of this camp, there’s an upside to be had. Here are 10 ways cursing can actually be good for you.

1. It means you have a bigger vocabulary

Mature woman sitting on a bench

You probably have an extensive vocabulary. |

The belief that people who curse a lot do so as a result of being uneducated no longer stands up. In fact, research shows using such choice language isn’t related to a lacking vocabulary, except for derogatory female slurs. Basically, just because you curse like a sailor doesn’t mean you do so because you have a lack of other options.

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