Is It Diabetes? 5 Diseases That Present the Same Symptoms

Since diabetes is one of the leading causes death in the United States, it’s important to recognize the symptoms as early as possible. Some common ones include thirst and hunger (which the American Diabetes Association says can occur even if you are eating), rapid weight loss, constant urination, and blurry vision. What’s tricky, though, is other serious illnesses share some of these symptoms, making it difficult to pin down what’s going on. If you think you might be in for a diabetes diagnosis, consider you may actually have another condition. These are a few diseases that present similar symptoms to diabetes.

1. Multiple sclerosis

X-ray images of brain

MS has similar symptoms to diabetes. |

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the central nervous system. This includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves in your eyes. Since the brain is responsible for controlling every part of your body, the effects of MS are critical to your health. WebMD says your nerves are greatly impacted, meaning you may lose the ability to move and feel. MS can also cause overwhelming fatigue, blurred or double vision, and excessive trips to the bathroom, which are also symptoms of diabetes. Both illnesses can produce tingling sensations in the hands and feet as well, making things even more confusing.

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