Dealing With Divorce: Should You Stay for the Kids?

mother and father working at the breakfast table with their son

Should you stay together for your kids? Find out here. |

When your relationship has reached a point where you both know it isn’t working out anymore, your first thought might be to get a divorce. However, when kids are thrown into the mix, the decision to leave is tougher. Should you stay for their sake? If you decide it’s best to leave, when is the best time? The Cheat Sheet asked divorce and parenting coach Rosalind Sedacca to share her thoughts on whether to stay or go when kids are involved.

The Cheat Sheet: Is it a good idea to stay in a relationship because you have children? Why or why not?

Rosalind Sedacca: Not if the relationship isn’t healthy for you or the kids. Studies have proven that parental conflict harms children more than any other factor. If parents are fighting, bad-mouthing, or in other ways disrespecting one another around the children, the kids will be negatively affected and emotionally scarred. Parents are role models for theirĀ children. If children live with parents in conflict or who live in a loveless marriage, children are exposed to negative experiences about marriage and relationships that can last a lifetime.

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