Do Women Cheat in Relationships More Than Men?

Couple fighting

Couple fighting |

Who cheats more? Men or women? And why do partners sometimes feel the need to cheat? When it comes to infidelity, the reasons vary for men and women. In fact, gender often plays some role in what led to the indiscretion. For example, one reason men often stray is because they don’t feel respected by their partner. In a conversation with The Cheat Sheet, Lesli Doares, couples consultant and author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriagetold us cheating among women is often due to unmet emotional needs. “I’m not sure that women are more likely to cheat than men but the percentages are getting closer as women have been in the workplace in force. And the reasons they cheat are often the same,” Doares said. What are those reasons? Feeling underappreciated and failing to have their emotional needs are common.

Doares goes on to explain that one partner can make the other feel more loved by learning her love language and speaking it often. As you gain more of an understanding of their emotional needs, you can learn how to do a good job of meeting each need. Furthermore, as concerns about the relationship arise, both people can work toward finding common ground and coming to a resolution they can both live with.

To learn more about infidelity among both men and women, The Cheat Sheet spoke some more with Doares as well as psychologist Dr. Jeanette Raymond. Their answers to our questions might surprise you.

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