Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: 11 Frustrations You Should Totally Ignore

Part of dealing with stressors is accepting they’ll always be there, and letting some of them go. “There are enough larger things that come across our plate to worry about, so we really have to challenge whether something is worth our time and energy,” Nikki Martinez, psychologist and licensed clinical professional counselor, said in an interview with The Cheat Sheet. “If we spend too much energy on the little things that don’t really matter, we have little to nothing left for the bigger things that really require our energy and attention.” Think you might be letting little frustrations get to you? Here are 11 you’re free to ignore.

1. Disagreements

Problems between generations concept

You’re better off letting disagreements go. |

Of course, no one wants to be wrong — whether it’s their opinion on politics or which movie should have won the Academy Award. But oftentimes, the desire to constantly be right will leave you high and dry. “It’s important to evaluate the cost of being right,” Robin H-C, behaviorist and bestselling author of Life’s in Session!, said. “If you’re in a medical environment discussing patient care, ‘right’ is critical, but if you’re bickering with your partner over how late they arrived home last week, is it really necessary to be right?” Instead, consider what it will cost you to be right — a good night’s sleep, a rift in your relationship, etc. If it won’t matter in a year or month from now, let it go.

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