5 Bodybuilding Exercises That Build More Muscular Arms

Man showing his muscles

Most people focus on their arms when they try to get in shape. | iStock.com

Guns, pythons, Old Thunder n’ Lightning — whatever you call your arms, a muscular set will definitely demand attention. Arms are traditionally one of the first parts of the body people try to build up when getting in shape, as they are right out front for everyone to see. So, it’s important, at least for some people, to pump “Rock” and “Roll” up; you know, to send a message.

There are three major muscle groups that lifters target when exercising the arm: triceps, biceps, and forearms. Of course, your arms are intricately related to other muscle groups in your body as well — notably the chest and back, and even your abs. For that reason, arm exercises will also give those muscles a workout, and build additional resolve in your core.

There are a multitude of arm exercises, and corresponding workout programs available for perusing. You can build your own routine too, but the trick is to figure out which exercises will help you bulk up, build definition, and grow significantly stronger. To help you get there, in true Cheat Sheet style, we’ve put together a short list of some of the most effective moves to give you a head start.

Here are five exercises that will help you build your arms into the lethal weapons you’ve always wanted.