Feeling Ill? These 5 Things at Work May Be Making You Sick

Do you often feel sick at work but as soon as you leave the building you’re fine? Or, do you have a cough and sniffles that just won’t go away when you’re at your desk, but as soon as you go outside, your symptoms disappear? If this is the case, your desk and the items on top of it might be harboring dust and bacteria. Even worse — you may be working in a “sick” building.

“It’s good to keep disinfecting wipes or spray somewhere near your desk to periodically wipe down your equipment of the germs, bacteria, and dust that accumulate over time. I personally recommend Seventh Generation as they are non-toxic,” Suncear Scretchen, health and Ayurvedic counselor and founder of Digiwell Marketing, told The Cheat Sheet.

Here are five items in your office that could be making you ill.

1. Carpeting

sick businessman on couch

Sick businessman on couch | iStock.com

All sorts of creepy crawlies are nesting inside the office carpet. Dust, mold, and bacteria have a way of getting deep down in the fibers. If you suffer from a chronic respiratory illness such as asthma, you may notice increased attacks when you’re at work. Some tell-tale signs of carpet mold growth include discoloration and odor.

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