7 Foods That Are Healthier Than Dietary Supplements

Everyone starts the day with a routine that often includes taking a quick shower, starting a pot of coffee, and popping some dietary supplements. While a single multivitamin used to seem sufficient to get vital nutrients, that is no longer the case. Studies about nutrition come out all the time, often encouraging people to boost their intake of a particular vitamin or mineral. What started as a regimen of one pill has now turned into an entire pile of supplements that demand a huge glass of water to choke down.

All of those bottles at the drug store can deplete your bank account, and they might not actually be any more beneficial than good-for-you foods. Time reveals many supplements don’t get adequately inspected before winding up on store shelves. This means you might not be getting the nutrients the packages claim. Even if you are getting a pure source of this or that vitamin, that’s still no reason to load up. Mayo Clinic explains supplements can’t entirely replace food because they don’t offer the same nutritional variety, fiber, or phytonutrients. They’re designed to fill in gaps, not serve as alternatives to healthy eats. If your supplement situation is getting out of control, it might be time to reevaluate your diet. We’ve highlighted seven of the most nutritious foods, which are better for you than anything you’ll find in a bottle. Work these ingredients into your diet for a delicious way to boost your health.

1. Lean beef

lean beef with vegetables

Lean beef is high in B vitamins and creatine | iStock.com

Steak is usually considered an indulgent meal for special occasions. As long as you’re going for lean cuts, beef is a spectacular protein you can afford to eat more often. Men’s Fitness likes the red meat as a protein-packed food to help build muscle. But bulking up isn’t the only reason to turn to beef, because it’s also high in B vitamins and creatine. Everyday Health reports men should focus on getting enough Vitamin B12 in their diets to support a healthy nervous system, which impacts memory. Creatine might sound familiar if you’re a regular in the weight room. Many bodybuilders swear by it as a way to get results faster. According to Men’s Health, it increases the body’s ability to rapidly produce energy. That enables gym buffs to train harder more frequently. Getting creatine from beef is certainly more delicious than resorting to powders.

Not all beef is the same, though. Make sure to do a little bit of research before you start stocking up, because many of the cuts you recognize are also some of the fattiest. Stick to cuts like top sirloin and bottom round for day-to-day cooking. You won’t be missing out on any flavor when you cook this spice-rubbed steak with pepper relish from Epicurious. Even healthy diets have a little wiggle room, though, so a rib eye on occasion is perfectly fine.

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