10 Foods That Can Give You Healthier Skin

Healthier foods can lead to healthier skin

Healthier foods can lead to healthier skin | Source: iStock

Just as there are foods that can damage your skin or aggravate existing skin problems, there are other foods that help guard and heal it. Skin is an essential layer of protection, but if you don’t care for it properly, your skin can also leave you vulnerable. One of the best ways to promote healthy skin, and the confidence boost that comes with it, is too eat right every day.

As dermatologist Howard Murad explained to GQ, “The body is constantly replacing damaged cells, and if we eat key foods we can protect and promote cellular health by keeping the body flooded with cell protecting antioxidants.”

Whether it’s sun protection, a clear complexion, firmness, or youthfulness you are seeking, healthy skin is only a few delicious snacks away. For a handsome exterior and a strong barrier from all the germs and toxins your body has to contend with, here are 10 essential foods to bring long-lasting health to every inch of your skin.