6 Remarkable Foods That Really Can Make You Look Younger

Everyone wants to know the secret to staying youthful forever. Unfortunately, there’s no way to look as fresh-faced as a teenager forever. Even the best anti-aging potions can’t keep you from getting older or developing wrinkles, but your diet can play a pivotal role in slowing down the aging process. To give yourself a more youthful look, make sure these six foods are a regular part of your diet.

1. Blueberries


Add blueberries to your diet. | iStock.com

Blueberries are at it again with another bonus you can add to its list of benefits. According to Self, this is one fruit you’ll want to snack on if you want younger looking skin. Not only do they increase circulation, which helps your skin glow, they also contain antioxidants that protect your skin from harmful free radicals that would otherwise damage the collagen. Since collagen is what keeps your skin firm, this means you can stave off any sagging.

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