5 Superfoods That Will Make Your Workouts Better

You know you’ve got to sink your teeth into some solid protein to gain strength and size. But when it comes to improving your cardio endurance, do you know what you should be putting on your plate?

First, let’s get a solid understanding of what exactly cardio endurance entails. According to HealthGuidance.org, it’s “the body’s ability to continue exertion while getting energy from the aerobic system used to supply the body with energy.” In other words, cardio endurance is the supply of energy to your circulatory system and muscles over extended periods.

We’ve rounded up five foods that will not only support your training with that needed energy boost, but will also strengthen the cardiovascular system. And to make things really easy, we’re offering a serving suggestion for each if you’re pairing strength training and cardio. Get ready to eat your way to a fitter body. 

1. Bananas

Sliced banana

Bananas are one of the most underrated superfoods. | iStock.com

This portable fruit is packed with potassium, a mineral found to regulate blood pressure, safeguard blood vessels, and reduce the risk of stroke. Bananas also deliver a solid surge of energy because they’re composed of complex carbohydrates.

Serving suggestion: Slice and pair with almond butter and oats for a little protein kick that will begin to repair muscles, whether it’s after a long run or a HIIT strength circuit.

Other foods high in potassium include citrus fruit, fish, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and yogurt.