Getting in Shape: 5 Muscles That Most People Forget About

Everyone has favorite foods, music, and movies. Some folks also have favorite exercises that remain their go-to activity for years. It’s great to find a workout that you enjoy, especially since so many people struggle to work enough physical activity into their days. The problem with always resorting to the same movements or lifts is that you miss out on working a lot of important body parts. STACK explained that muscle imbalances occur in different parts of the body for different athletes, but they all impact your performance. In some cases, an extreme imbalance can lead to injury. These five muscles happen to be some of the most neglected. Incorporate some new moves that target these areas, and you’ll be stronger and a lot less likely to suffer an injury.

1. Forearms

lifting weights

It’s easy to forget about your forearms. |

Gym rats love to work their arms and get the buffest biceps. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t forget about the lower half of your arms. said focusing on this muscle group is important for aesthetic and practical reasons. Unless it’s colder than 20 degrees outside, your forearms are likely on display pretty frequently. But looks aside, the article said that developing forearm strength is critical for a good grip that has plenty of real world applications from opening stubborn jars to fighting off an assailant.

Unlike larger arm muscles, forearms don’t get any fancy machinery dedicated to them. Muscle and Fitness said you can strengthen forearms with compound lifts that also target larger muscles, but they also recommended some isolation moves that target these muscles individually. A dumbbell wrist curl is a good place to start. Sit on a bench and rest your forearm on the surface between your thighs with your wrist just extended beyond the edge of the bench. You can also rest your arm directly on top of your thigh. Holding a dumbbell, let it roll down toward your fingers, then curl it back up as you flex your wrist. Livestrong’s video does a great job of demonstrating how to perform this move.

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