Overdose Symptoms of 6 Supplements That You Need to Recognize

Various supplements on a table

It’s possible to overdose on supplements. Do you know the signs? | iStock.com

Every day brings a new headline or TV news segment asking, “Are you getting enough __________?” The blank can be filled in with just about any vitamin, mineral, vegetable, fat — you get the idea. Maybe this explains why the supplement business is booming. And it shows no signs of slowing down. A press release from Financial News Media states the global nutritional supplement market is expected to reach $175 billion in 2020.

While adding a pill to your diet here and there might seem harmless, everyone’s body has slightly different needs. Where one person may have difficulty properly absorbing iron due to the particulars of their health, another individual might soak it up like a sponge. In this instance, the latter person might end up consuming way too much of the mineral by mindlessly taking a tablet every morning.

To make matters more confusing, the supplement industry isn’t very well-regulated. Just think about all the bottles you see when you walk into a GNC or even the regular grocery store. Obviously no one needs all those pills, but there also isn’t anyone to stop someone from filling a shopping basket to the top.

Before you start any type of supplement regimen, pay a visit to your doctor. If either of you suspect some sort of deficiency, confirming with lab results is better than making assumptions. If you’re already popping pills, be on the lookout for signs you’ve gone overboard. We’ve highlighted six common supplements and why you should be wary of overdosing.